Dough Feed


  • Hygienic Design
  • Meets ANSI Z 50.2 Standards
  • GMA Equipment Design Check List
  • Multiple Widths to assure even feed to Forming Equipment
  • Clean in place and portable components
  • NEMA 4 wash down enclosures on all op stations
  • Unique Designs for Cookie, Cracker, Granola, Bread, Bun and Roll Doughs
  • Layouts and Designs in SolidWorks CAD
  • Your Dough Determines method selected


Advantech will evaluate your dough handling needs, and our engineering department will work with your engineering group and/or your project team to develop the most appropriate solution to your dough handling needs.

We provide:

  • Wirecut dough troughs
  • Troughs with caster wheels
  • Troughs on carts
  • Coated and plain troughs
  • Troughs with side discharge
  • Troughs with bottom discharge
  • Dough tub dumps
  • Dough trough elevators
  • Free standing dough feeders
  • Portable dough feeders
  • Direct from the mixer feeders
  • Sheeter heads
  • Kibbler heads
  • Logger Heads
  • Stand alone kibblers
  • Ceiling supported presheeters
  • Floor supported devices
  • Inclined conveyors
  • Horizontal conveyors
  • Portable and fixed conveyors
  • Reciprocating discharge
  • Oscillating end conveyors
  • Reversible conveyors

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Advantech engineering works with you and the area available to provide the most economical and efficient dough handling system possible.